catherine moore uniforms

Our Collections:

Sweetpea Spa Therapists in LT2416 & LP2415
Sweetpea Spa Therapists
wearing LT2416 and LP2415 Straight Leg Trousers

Our collections include
Front of House, Management, Spa Personnel, House Keeping and Food Service Uniforms.

You can choose any styles on our website and mix and match fabrics and colours, or we can custom make uniforms to your requirements.

For our out of town and national clients we will deliver samples to your door, for perusal of styles and colours. Should you place an order, we will also deliver fit samples for your staff to try on.

We have a diverse range of clients including Hotels, Game Reserves and Spas.


tel: 021 424 7357
address: 17 Jamieson Street, Cape Town









LT2235 LT2318 LT2318 LJ2401 LC501 SCARF LT2400 LT2394A LT2394B